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Matty Simpson is a world class guitar player and singer-songwriter based out of Hamilton, Ontario. His style has been called an eclectic mix of rock and rhythm and blues. Aside from his own solo project as a singer songwriter, Matty also accompanies various other artists around the Hamilton area.

From an early age, Matty has had an appreciation for good music. He grew up listening to artists such as Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Kate Bush and many other diverse musicians. His mother's interest in world travel and his father's love of music meant that as a child there were always guitars and other exotic instruments available at Matty's fingertips. Always being surrounded by music has had a profound impact on his current songwriting style which is a mixture of the 60s/70s/90s and modern music. 

Growing up in a small town allowed Matty the time to focus on music. He was a part of many bands of various genres before landing the role as lead guitarist in a band called Holding Sky. Holding Sky was a hard rock band based out of Hamilton that formed in 2004. The band put out a few albums, played around the Greater Toronto Area and achieved some success, eventually opening for the Deftones at the Taste of Chaos tour in 2005. 

While playing in Holding Sky, Matty also taught guitar lessons in Port Dover, Ontario. This is where he was introduced to Canadian singer song writer, Fred Eaglesmith. Matty would then spend the next ten years as a full-time touring sideman playing guitar, banjo and keys as part of the Fred Eaglesmith Travelling Show. He traveled around the world playing hundred of diverse venues such as The Bluebird Cafe, the Delbert McClinton Blues Cruise and even an appearance on the David Letterman Show. Matty has been teaching at Picks & Sticks Music for 2+ years.